May 2024 News

Local success | May 25, 2024

Another fantastic success story about a local company that is connecting people and jobs! Check out Picsume! If you are an employer looking for the perfect candidate or, as the candidate, on the hunt for your dream job or the next step in your career, with this innovative platform, you will stand out from the crowd!

“Welcome to the future of work!”

The Liberals and their NDP allies killed a Conservative PMB on extortion | May 24, 2024

Extortion has risen by 218%. Conservatives tried to make these changes through a Private Member’s Bill, but the Liberals and their NDP coalition partners shamefully shut it down, leaving Canadians more susceptible to foreign interference.

Happy Victoria Day, Canada! | May 20, 2024

Today, we celebrate the spirit of unity and strength that defines our great nation. As we enjoy this long weekend, let’s reflect on our shared history and look forward to a brighter future together.

Wishing you all a safe and joyful holiday!

Poilievre introduces the Safe Hospitals Act to protect Canadians | May 15, 2024

Our hospitals are unsafe. The Safe Hospitals Act will ban hard drugs, stop taxpayer-funded opioids, and invest in treatment. Let’s bring our loved ones home drug-free. A Poilievre government will ban hard drugs, stop giving out taxpayer-funded opioids, and reinvest that money in treatment and recovery so we can bring home our loved ones drug-free.

Welcome! | May 14, 2024

Please join me in welcoming our summer intern, Pierce Lamont, to Team Lewis. Pierce is a “hometown boy” from LaSalle and is graduating from the University of Windsor with a degree in Law and Politics. He looks forward to attending Law School at University of Ottawa this fall. We are excited for all that Pierce will bring to our team and the many ways we can invest in him through these next few months!

Pierce, it is good to have you with us – welcome to the Team!

National Police Week | May 13, 2024

Join us in recognizing National Police Week in Canada, a time to honor the dedication and sacrifice of our law enforcement officers. Their commitment to keeping our communities safe is invaluable, and we are grateful for their service. Let’s show our appreciation for their bravery and unwavering commitment to protecting and serving.

Thank you to all our police officers for everything you do.

To our Mothers | May 12, 2024

Happy Mother’s Day to all the incredible mothers out there! Today, we celebrate the love, strength, and endless sacrifices that mothers make every single day.

In Harrow | May 11, 2024


It was great to visit Sellick Equipment, in Harrow, with my colleague, Kelly McCauley, MP for Edmonton West.

Sellicks definitely provides for our businesses that do the heavy lifting. Creating jobs and economic growth.

Point Pelee Tower | May 9, 2024

Work is underway to replace and repair the guardrail on the Tip Tower. Parks Canada will be working closely with the contractor to facilitate the re-opening of the tower as soon as safely possible.

Parks Canada recognizes that access to the 360-degree vistas from Tip Tower in Point Pelee National Park is important to visitors and we look forward to resuming this unique experience when the tower is certified to be safe for use.

Protect Hunters | May 6, 2024

Another successful evening at the Annual Gosfield North Sportsmen’s Dinner in Woodslee. A fantastic meal and great conversation with so many folks!

Great to meet the representatives from OHFA (Ontario Hunting and Fishing Association from Zone J). Thanks to all of the volunteers who make this happen! I’m proud to stand up for law abiding outdoor enthusiasts and sport shooters.

Let’s break the stigma and start the conversation! | May 6, 2024

It’s Mental Health Week in Canada, a time to raise awareness, show support, and prioritize our mental well-being.

Remember, it’s okay not to be okay, and seeking help is a sign of strength. Let’s support each other, spread kindness, and prioritize self-care.

BREAKING | May 4, 2024

The Commissioner’s first report on foreign interference has been released: “interference occurred in the last two general elections” Yesterday, with the release of the initial report from Commissioner Hogue and the Public Inquiry into Foreign Interference, the long-standing concerns of Conservatives have been confirmed. The Commissioner confirmed that “interference occurred in the last two general elections”, that it impacted those elections and “the right of Canadians to have their electoral processes and democratic institutions free from covert influence.” More to come…

First responders day | May 1, 2024

Today we honour the brave heroes who are always there when we need them.

Thank you to all the first responders for your unwavering dedication and service to our communities. Your sacrifices do not go unnoticed.

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