November 2021 News

Incredible night at the Town of Amherstburg Santa Claus Parade! | Nov 27, 2021

The snow put the icing on the cake! Thank you to all those that attended. Incredible crowd!!!!

ACBN | Nov 25, 2021

I was able to meet with Ryan Knight from the Afro Caribbean Business Network (ACBN) today. What an encouraging meeting this was. Ryan is networking with young entrepreneurs to help launch their businesses. As an ecosystem for entrepreneurship, the ACBN is helping so many aspiring business owners through networking, training and consulting. They want to take their stand re-building our economy through great business!! Well done Ryan for helping future businesses get off the ground!!

Anthony Rota, Speaker of the House | Nov 23, 2021

Congratulations to Anthony Rota on being elected to Speaker of the House for the 44th Parliament!!!

Very proud of you sir!

Today Parliament has opened its doors | Nov 23, 2021

Congratulations to Anthony Rota on being elected to Speaker of the House for the 44th Parliament!!!

Very proud of you sir!

Back at it! | Nov 23, 2021

Today, two months after the election, Parliament is returning. The election of the Speaker of the House of Commons will take place today. The Speech from the Throne will take place tomorrow.

Canada’s Conservatives will hold Justin Trudeau’s Liberals responsible for skyrocketing grocery, gasoline and housing prices, our national unity crisis, and escalating crime in communities across Canada.

World Children’s Day | Nov 20, 2021

Today is an opportunity for each of us to advocate for, promote, and celebrate children’s rights and take actions that will build a better word for children. This year, we celebrate World Children’s Day in the context of an unprecedented global malnutrition crisis that threatens the health and well-being of the most vulnerable children around the world. Malnutrition rates are rising alarmingly and will continue to hurt children in low-income communities the most. This World Children’s Day, Canada must #InvestInNutrition with an ambitious pledge at #N4G2021 to protect the health and rights of children.

Another local community initiative if anyone is interested! | Nov 19, 2021

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Love where you live! | Nov 19, 2021

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Chaldean League dinner | Nov 18, 2021

I have to say the food was delicious and the conversation covered many issues. The Chaldean people are a hard-working and community-minded group that is contributing in constructive ways in my riding of Essex and in Windsor. MP Genuis has also worked with this group in the Toronto area. We also discussed the persecution many family members are experiencing in Iraq. We will continue to work with our friends in the Chaldean community. Thank you for a wonderful meal and discussion Dr. George Chenno and Adel Salman and all those who attended with them.

The Can Am Indian Friendship | Nov 17, 2021

It was great to see how the Friendship Centre is reaching out to the indigenous community and overcoming the many challenges that occurred through these last months. Many services have gone virtual but they look forward to the day when people will be meeting face-to-face again in the centre. Tina Jacobs (Executive Director) and her staff have been doing a great job of ensuring the centre gets some maintenance while it is not being used for in-person meetings. Thank you, Tina, and team, for your service to the Windsor-Essex area!

A hub of opportunities | Nov 16, 2021

Yesterday, it was a privilege to have Garnett Genuis, MP for Sherwood Park – Fort Saskatchewan and Shadow Minister for International Development with me as we visited several organizations and groups in the Windsor-Essex area. First stop was the Unemployed Help Centre. Thank you to June Muir and Maxine Deleersnyder for a wonderful tour of your multifaceted building where you help so many from our region with such things as food, clothing, education and employment support. The care you take with those you serve and the great staff you employ make it all come together so well.

Deputy Shadow Minister | Nov 13, 2021

The Hon. Erin O’Toole, Leader of Canada’s Conservatives and the Official Opposition, released the Deputy Conservative Shadow Cabinet for the 44th Parliament.

We are happy to announce that Chris Lewis MP for Essex has been appointed as the Deputy Shadow Minister for Labour! Congratulations Chris Lewis MP on your achievement!!

Lest We Forget | Nov 11, 2021


At MC3 Manufacturing | Nov 10, 2021

It was great to meet with John Klassen from MC3 Manufacturing in Kingsville this afternoon. I was so impressed with the quality work they do. I was also happy to hear about their plans for growth and investment in our area long term.

Companies like this have been keeping our economy going. Well done MC3 manufacturing!

YQG Left Out as international | Nov 10, 2021

I met with a group of gentlemen today who manage the corporate aviation hanger next to Windsor Airport: Gateway Aviation Windsor. Thank you to Mike Hogan for hosting our meeting and to Kevin Safrance for bringing the issues to our attention. It was an eye-opening meeting and highlighted the fact that Windsor’s airport missing out on its international status is not just impacting the tourism sector but also the management of thousands of jobs and costing the aviation companies more in the process! Gateway Aviation has been given no clear reason why the airport was left out of the list.

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