January 2022 News

Congratulations!! | Jan 31, 2022

Congratulations on the latest win Men’s National Soccer Team! Canada defeats U.S. in Hamilton to remain unbeaten on impressive World Cup qualifying run!

Team moves closer to 1st World Cup since 1986.

Meeting with Trucker Associations | Jan 28, 2022

While in the City of Ottawa today, I joined my colleagues and Conservative Leader Erin O’Toole to meet with trucking associations ahead of the Freedom Convoy arriving in Ottawa. I will always stand in support of PEACEFUL protest. Canadians deserve the right of freedom… and to be heard… that is why I am here!

Please Email me | Jan 28, 2022

Thank you to those that are reaching out and contacting our office in regards to the Freedom Convoy 2022 and other government assistance related matters. To ensure we do not miss your incoming message, we encourage everyone to contact us by EMAIL at chris.lewis@parl.gc.ca. We are trying our best to reply to every inquiry coming into the office. Chris Lewis MP is currently in #Ottawa and will be joining in supporting this important peaceful event on Parliament Hill. Thank you

Today We Remember | Jan 27, 2022 

This is #HolocaustMemorialDay when we remember that 6 million Jews were murdered during WWII.
We must learn from the world’s darkest days and stand together in combatting the division that leads to such evil acts.
We will always remember.

Bell Let’s Talk Day | Jan 26, 2022

Today is Bell Let’s Talk Day. Let’s stop and focus on mental health today. Reach out to those who come to mind.
Click on the graphic to see it in full.

Drive-Through Levee | Jan 23, 2022

Thanks so much to all those who came out to the Drive – Through Levee.

I am glad that it wasn’t too cold and I really appreciated the great conversations and questions!!

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Hearing from Food and Beverage Canada | Jan 21, 2022

Thank you to Food and Beverage Canada for meeting with me to share some big picture answers to some of the issues facing food and beverage processing in Canada. We are all smiling at the end of the conversation but I can assure you the main content was very serious. I do hope that the government will listen to some of these very reasonable proposals! On the call with us was Kathleen Sullivan, Chris Conway and Rosemary Maclellan.

You are Invited! | Jan 20, 2022

RSVP is required because of restrictions and limited time slots.

RSVP to chris.lewis@parl.gc.ca or by calling 519-776-4700.

Social media comments or direct messages will not be taking RSVP’s.


Hydroponics Tour | Jan 19, 2022

Our last stop on our tour of Essex with Philip Lawrence, Shadow Minister for FedDev, today was at Great Northern Hydroponics (GNH) where they are gearing up to begin producing some new crops in their gigantic greenhouses. They are a beneficiary of the Temporary Foreign Worker Program (TFW) and employ well over 100 TFWs. Thank you, President, Guido van het Hof for all the insight into the greenhouse business. I look forward to tasting some of the new produce when it gets to the grocery store shelves!!!

YUMMM | Jan 19, 2022

I tried this amazing Caramel Apple Bread today from Acorn and Oak Coffee Company .

Check out this business in Essex Centre.


Local Small Businesses in Essex | Jan 19, 2022

Thank you to Diane Malenfan for all you and your office does at Community Futures Development Corporation as you help fund local small businesses in Essex.

In this season your service is so needed! Also, thank you to Philip Lawrence for accompanying me and your contribution to our great discussion.

Environmental issues in Essex County | Jan 19, 2022

Tim Byrne and Kevin Money, from ERCA, visited Philip Lawrence MP and myself at the office and they gave us a briefing on environmental issues in Essex county.

Very informative. Thank you!

Innovating Manufacturing | Jan 19, 2022

STI Solutions is an innovative manufacturing company looking to save on waste and expand capacity.

Thank you for communicating your vision with myself and Philip Lawrence today! I admire the excellent work you are doing with what you have during a difficult season. Well done President, Stephen Veres!

Morterm Ltd. | Jan 19, 2022

Thank you to Tony De Thomasis President & CEO of Morterm Ltd. for your time today showing myself and Shadow Minister Philip Lawrence around the Port, storage, and Essex Terminal Railway / Morterm.

We look forward to a successful expansion of your operations here helping to create more capacity for our supply chain in Windsor-Essex!!

Town Hall! | Jan 18, 2022

Thank you to Philip Lawrence, Shadow Minister for Federal Economic Development Agency for Eastern, Central and Southern Ontario who answered questions with me this evening at our Virtual Townhall.

We had some excellent questions on a wide variety of topics and it was great to connect with those who attended. Thank you to all who jumped on!

Hearing about issues at our border | Jan 18, 2022

Thank you to Ken Turner, Vice Chairman of the Union that oversees the CBSA workers, and Scott Aitchison, MP and Shadow Minister for Labour, for meeting this afternoon about issues arising at the Canada-US border.

I look forward to further meetings, open dialogue, and hopefully solutions to the many problems the CBSA officers and staff are experiencing.

Mental Health Help | Jan 17, 2022

Mental Health issues have so clearly increased during the pandemic and the Canadian Mental Health Association – Windsor -Essex County have been going above and beyond their normal capacity to help those in need.

Thank you to Kim Willis, Sonja Grbevski and Claudia den Boer at the CMHA for a constructive and eye-opening meeting about Mental Health in our area and well done, and thank you, to the whole team at CMHA for all you do!!

Legault’s financial penalties | Jan 13, 2022

On Tuesday, Quebec Premier François Legault announced the province will apply a financial penalty for residents who refuse to get vaccinated against COVID-19 for non-medical reasons. Almost two years into the pandemic, it is clear that specific measures at the provincial level are only being introduced because of Justin Trudeau’s failures on COVID-19. As was said last week, Conservatives want an end to restrictions on freedom and the ongoing impacts to the mental health and well-being of Canadians.

Hearing from ONSP | Jan 12, 2022

Had a great time meeting with Danielle Findlay of the Ontario Student Nutrition Program – Windsor-Essex (ONSP). OSNP is asking a tough question to the Liberal government about where the $1 billion funding is they promised for healthy school meals back in their election platform. Danielle highlighted the need for healthy nutritious meals for our student population. Healthy school food programs are known to improve students’ diets, mental and physical health, school performance, attendance, and social cohesion. It is interesting that Canada is the only G7 nation that does not have a National School Food Program.

The ETR | Jan 11, 2022

Thank you to Tony De Thomasis, director of corporate development, for your time explaining to me the work you do at The Essex Terminal Railway / Morterm. I am excited that Windsor-Essex has such a key role in international trade. The combination of the Port, the Bridge, Trucks and the Railway coming together makes our region such a big part of the Trade Corridor. I look forward to engaging with the ETR, Morterm and the Port Authority more in the coming months so we can secure partners and grow our economy!!

Musicians of Essex | Jan 10, 2022

Essex continues to showcase all that it has to offer!

If you haven’t checked out our local musicians music yet please do. Over the holidays I got to meet Jake Diab of the “Autumn Kings”

I’m a big fan! Support Local

Trudeau Failed | Jan 4, 2022

Several provinces have reimposed lockdown restrictions including shutdown of indoor dining, curfews, and reinstituting online learning for K-12 students. Continued sweeping shutdowns will not fix the underlying problem of lack of surge resources in Canada’s healthcare system. That’s why in the last election, we promised a collaborative approach to building provincial healthcare capacity as part of a historic $60 billion increase to healthcare transfers. The federal government must stop continuing to spend money on band aid solutions to enable shutdowns instead of fixing the root of the problem.

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