February 2022 News

Canada stands in solidarity with Ukraine | Feb 24, 2022

Together with millions of Canadians and the Ukrainian community in Canada, we condemn Putin’s actions. Putin’s contemptible aggression and invasion of Ukraine is unacceptable. His attack on the Ukrainian people and their democratically elected government is despicable. Conservatives stand ready to defend the rules-based international order against these grievous violations of international law.

Justin Trudeau revokes the Emergencies Act | Feb 23, 2022

He probably didn’t have the votes in the senate?

Thank you to those who reached out to put pressure on the government and senate.

Stay Tuned!!

Today we celebrate Canada’s Agriculture Day | Feb 22, 2022

Let’s celebrate the work our farmers, growers, agriculture workers and all those who play their important role to produce our food!

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Emergency Act Vote | Feb 21, 2022

For those who follow my page and live in Windsor-West and Windsor-Tecumseh.

Here are the results.

I voted Nay!

Tune in here to watch the vote live at 8pm | Feb 21, 2022

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Clarification | Feb 15, 2022

It has come to our attention that there is a post going around stating Chris didn’t support the Conservative’s motion asking the Liberal government for a plan to start lifting the mandates and restrictions.

To clarify, the image shows he voted YES for the Conservative motion. Also shown is the voting records showing party votes.

Thank you

Meeting with CASA | Feb 15, 2022

Students are very much the future of our nation. This morning I had an enjoyable and constructive conversation with the Canadian Alliance of Student Associations (CASA). We discussed many elements of post-secondary students’ lives and challenges. Mental health support, student loans and grants, accessibility to education for indigenous peoples and international students’ experience here in Canada were some of the main subjects we covered.

Thank you to Duncan Walsh and Kordell Wajtaszek for such a helpful meeting.

Happy National Flag Day!| Feb 15, 2022

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BREAKING | Feb 14, 2022

Just now, the Conservative motion for the government to provide a concrete plan that will give Canadians the roadmap out of COVID-19 restrictions and mandates was DEFEATED with the NDP supporting the Liberals.

More to come…

Another Carbon Tax Increase | Feb 12, 2022

Just a heads up, the carbon tax will be going up again in April. Prepare your home budget and tax return accordingly. Residents in Ontario can claim the climate action incentive with their income tax return. It probably won’t cover all the costs of the carbon tax as it keeps increasing. You may also qualify for a 10% supplement if you are a resident of a small or rural community. Beginning in July 2022, amounts will be paid on a quarterly basis.

A Call for an All Leader Meeting | Feb 7, 2022

Hon. Candice Bergen, MP wrote to the Prime Minister Justin Trudeau calling for an all party Leaders meeting to address the ongoing trucker protests.

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This week in the The Essex Free Press | Feb 3, 2022

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Back to Work!! | Feb 3, 2022

It was good to finally be back to committee business last night!

Thank you to Brian Kingston, President of Canadian Vehicle Manufacturers’ Association for being a witness on the International Trade Committee. Your input was extremely important as we take on the topic of Electric Vehicles and Canada-US trade relations!!

Lots of activity going on in Ottawa this week! | Feb 2, 2022

Congratulations to Hon. Candice Bergen, MP on your new position to serve as our party’s new interim leader!

I am looking forward to working with you to help bring results to #Essex!

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Black History Month | Feb 2, 2022

February is Black History Month, a time to celebrate the immense contributions of Black Canadians to Canada’s success.

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Meeting with Dairy Farmers of Ontario | Feb 1, 2022

On the agenda for my meeting with the Dairy Farmers of Ontario was the lack of clarity on the compensation for dairy farmers promised by the Liberal government as a result of the CUSMA deal, importing illegal US dairy at the border, and the fact that Canadian Dairy should be part of any national school food program! Thank you to Vicky Morrison, John Wynands, Roger Boerse, Erik Tremblay and Heather MacGregor for a productive meeting on dairy!

From the Ground in Ottawa | Feb 1, 2022

Standing with the kids of the freedom convoy in Ottawa.

Amazing to see the support for this predominately peaceful protest about the pandemic mandates and lockdowns. I am glad I was in Ottawa to engage and hear from those involved personally.

Chris Lewis MP - Essex

Constituency Office

Ottawa Office