March 2023 News

Breaking Fast | Mar 31, 2023

I had a wonderful evening on Friday where Muslims and Christians came together to share a meal as the Muslim community celebrates Ramadan and broke its fast. It was an honour to address these good people and to get to know so many from this wonderful community who have Iraq as a common heritage. Thank you to Mr. Khassan F. Saka from Integrative Canadian Group, Windsor, for the invitation and all who made this great event happen. It was so good to see these two groups of people come together!

Fill Up! | Mar 31, 2023

By 2030, Trudeau’s two carbon taxes could add 50 cents per litre to the price of gasoline, according to the same source.
At a time when Canadians are facing rising costs of living thanks to inflationary Liberal deficits, families and small businesses can’t afford Trudeau tripling his carbon tax.

Working to end GBV | Mar 30, 2023

I met with Erin Whitmore, Zena Chaudry, and Jeanne Françoise Mouè with Women’s Shelters Canada / Hébergement femmes Canada this week.
With rates of violence against women in Canada being higher than ever, I learned how their National Action Plan aims to end Gender Based Violence. From the bottom of my heart, thank you for the work you and your organizations do.

No joke | Mar 29, 2023

This Saturday, on April 1st, the Liberal carbon tax will be increased to $65/tonne meaning that the price of gasoline, home heating and other fuels will see a corresponding increase. This annual increase is another step in the Liberal goal to triple the tax and bring it to $170/ tonne by 2030.
This is no April Fools joke, but the NDP keep voting with the Liberals so here comes another tax increase.

Talking Health and Hope | Mar 28, 2023

Had another productive meeting with the Canadian Health Coalition and Unifor Local 8300 members today in Ottawa.
As always, I am grateful to hear stories from front line workers who are helping Canadians during difficult times. Thank you front line workers!

Unfulfilled Budget Priorities | Mar 28, 2023

Conservatives will vote against Trudeau’s:
❌ tax hikes
❌ deficits
❌ inflationary spending
Let’s bring home a country that works for the people who do the hard work.

Breakfast with Outdoor Caucus | Mar 28, 2023

Had a great breakfast this morning at the Parliamentary Outdoor Caucus. Meeting with colleagues from both sides of the aisle to discuss what is next for Canada in regards to conserving our great land.

IAFF today | Mar 27, 2023

Today, I was given the opportunity to speak at the International Association of Fire Fighters’ Canadian Legislative conference.
As a former volunteer fire fighter in Kingsville, I count it a privilege to gather with my brothers and sisters who serve Canadians in this way. Whether retired or actively serving, these men and women deserve our utmost gratitude, respect, and support. Thank you for your service!

Living with Rare Diseases | Mar 27, 2023

This morning I met with delegates from the Canadian Organization for Rare Disorders (CORD), including Karen who also calls Essex home.
In our meeting I got to hear how rare diseases impact Canadian children, families, and communities and the ways they can be better supported federally. Thank you for sharing your stories and hearts.

Training Tomorrow’s Carpenters | Mar 23, 2023

Great to be with my friends at the Carpenters and Joiners Local 494 this weekend. Thank you to Tomi Hulkkonen, Local Coordinator for the invitation. It was also great to have MPPs Anthony Leardi and Andrew Dowie attending. I love to encourage the next generation in their achievements and this is a great way to do that with the Apprenticeship Competition! Thank you Tomi and the Carpenter’s Union for all you do to encourage and train the next generation.

NEWS RELEASE | Mar 22, 2023

Bill C-241 Passes Third Reading by 172-152 votes!
Click on the image to read more.

Passed with 172-152 Votes | Mar 22, 2023

Just moments ago my Private Members Bill, Bill C-241, passed third reading by 172-152 votes.
Even though the Liberals voted AGAINST the bill, it now goes to the Senate.
Thank you to all those who have supported this bill along the way! It is a good day.

Meeting with UCCO | Mar 22, 2023

In between all the excitement with my Private Members Bill today, I had the privilege of meeting with Jeffrey Wilkins and Frédérick Lebeau, National President and National Vice President of the UCCO-SACC-CSN Union of Canadian Correctional Officers.
It was very interesting to learn about the challenges their sector is currently facing and discuss possible solutions.

Happy St. Patrick’s Day everyone! | Mar 17, 2023

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Honouring Constables Jordan and Ryan | Mar 16, 2023

This morning, we express our condolences to the families and coworkers of two police officers who lost their lives while performing their duties in Edmonton. It’s crucial to remember that our law enforcement officers risk their lives every day to ensure the safety of our communities, and we must never overlook their sacrifices.

Happy International Women’s Day | Mar 8, 2023

On this day, let’s thank every woman in our life and show them some love. Thank you to the amazing women in my team!

Feeding Canada | Mar 7, 2023

Thank you, Lauren Martin from the Canadian Meat Council, for coming to meet with me today. I always appreciate hearing from Canadian industries like butchery and meat packing. Sectors like these are so vital to Canada’s food supply, yet are often overlooked and forgotten.
Thank you for helping feed Canadians.

Great food in Essex! | Mar 4, 2023

Had a great lunch yesterday at Wood Craft Pizza in Essex! It’s a fun place with great food!

Learning about government in Grade 5 | Mar 3, 2023

Thank you Daeca Cardoso, Grade 5 teacher at St. John de Brebeuf Catholic School in Kingsville for inviting me to speak to you class this morning.
What a great school, staff and students!

Meeting with Leo and Moe | Mar 3, 2023

Leo Guilbeault & Moe Chauvin came by my office representing the farming community today. We had a great conversation. I look forward to many more in the future. Always a pleasure!

ACBN | Mar 3, 2023

Thank you Ryan Knight, of the Afro-Caribbean Business Network, for your excellent presentation on the needs of Black Entrepreneurs in Ontario. It was interesting to me that Ryan recommends that black entrepreneurs in Ontario take advantage of the need to build houses and set up businesses in the much needed area of construction. The big gap is the need for skilled tradespersons to work in those construction businesses! We have to encourage children and young people that a skilled trade is an excellent career choice!

AGM at Wolfhead Distillery | Mar 2, 2023


Thank you Dan Gemus, President of the Amherstburg Chamber of Commerce, for the invitation to come to the AGM at Wolfhead Distillery. Great location and amazing group of business people!! I look forward to more discussions and meetings with this group in the future.

Ambassador Bridge President | Mar 2, 2023


Thank you to Matthew Moroun, President of the Ambassador Bridge Company, for stopping by my office in Essex and updating me on developments with the Bridge and transport around the area. Pleasure to meet you!

Training the Trades | Mar 1, 2023


My passion is skilled trades and training for new skilled tradespersons is essential for Canada’s recovery. Thank you, Glyn Buck, Director of Great Lakes College for Science and Technology for all you and your staff do to train the next generation of Gas and HVAC workers. Keep up the amazing work and thank you for the tour. It was a pleasure to meet some awesome students at your college today!

Meeting with Mayor Rogers | Mar 1, 2023


Great to meet with Mayor Rogers at Kingsville Municipal offices today. Lots of good discussion on issues facing Kingsville. Thank you to Richard Wyma, Director of Community and Development Services, for adding to our discussion also!

Alliance for Visitor’s Tax Refund | Mar 1, 2023


Thank you to the Alliance for Visitor’s Tax Refund for the informative meeting about re-introducing tax refunds for tourists to Canada. Interesting concept to update the system and even make it profitable for Canada. Thank you Marc Desmarais, Brigitta Falk and Jean-Christophe Bedos for presenting this morning.

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