April 2023 News

Working for your future | Apr 28, 2023

I was honoured to join the Grade 11 and 12 students from my alma mater, Cardinal Carter Catholic Secondary School, on their tour of the Senate this morning.

It was great to meet you and to hear about your concerns for Canada. After all, the decisions we make as MPs today will impact your futures significantly.

National Day of Mourning | Apr 28, 2023

On the National Day of Mourning, we remember and honor those who have lost their lives or been injured on the job. Every year, too many workers are injured or killed while simply trying to earn a living for themselves and their families. We must do everything in our power to ensure that every worker returns home safe and sound at the end of the day. Let’s take a moment to reflect on the importance of workplace safety and commit ourselves to creating safer working environments for everyone.

Talking with CIAC | Apr 27, 2023

Today I met with Bob Masterson from the Chemistry Industry Association of Canada (CIAC).

The chemistry and plastic sector is Canada’s third largest in manufacturing and it was great learning about how policy can best support its goals and growth. I look forward to more conversations with you and CIAC.

Congrats Brian and Windsor! | Apr 26, 2023

Congratulations to Brian Masse, MP for Windsor-West, on passing his Private Member’s Bill C-248, An Act to amend the Canada National Parks Act (Ojibway National Urban Park of Canada) through the House of Commons!!

Another great example of MPs working across the aisle, collaboratively, for the best result for our region. It’s been a pleasure working closely with Brian and supporting this important initiative.

Talking International Labour Rights | Apr 25, 2023

In my second meeting this morning, I met with the Canadian Network on Corporate Accountability (CNCA). We discussed the role Canada can play in promoting human rights internationally in our supply chains. There were so many dynamics and approaches to discuss in this conversation and I appreciate the open and honest conversation about this important topic!

Heating & Cooling | Apr 25, 2023

Started this morning off with two back to back meetings. For the first, I met with members of Heating , Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Institute of Canada (HRAI).

We discussed two main topics related to labour specifically. Number one, the labour shortage that they and so many other skill trades face today, and number two, the training and retraining required as the industry grows and advances. Thank you for the discussion!

Staffing for safety at airports | Apr 24, 2023

This morning I met with members of the International Association of Fire Fighters, who are serving at the Ottawa airport.

Our main topic of conversation was about the number of fire fighting personnel present at our airports. We need to ensure that our airports are adequately staffed to keep travelers and firefighters as safe as possible.

Get ready to explore the beauty of Canada! | Apr 24, 2023

National Tourism Week is here and it’s the perfect time to plan your next adventure. Whether you want to hike through the mountains, relax on a beach, or experience the excitement of the city, Canada has something for everyone.

Let’s support local tourism and discover all the hidden gems our country has to offer.

It’s National Organ and Tissue Donation Awareness Week! | Apr 23, 2023

Let’s take this opportunity to learn more about the importance of organ donation and encourage others to consider becoming donors. By registering to become a donor, you have the power to save up to eight lives and enhance the lives of up to 75 others.

Let’s spread the word and make a difference!

Earth day! | Apr 22, 2023

It was a great morning out at Bryerswood Youth Camp Optimist Club! Fantastic activities and good conversations and the rain held off!! What a wonderful way to celebrate Earth Day and see all that is going on at this local gem!

Bryerswood is planning 4 weeks of camp experience for kids this summer including 1 week for families! Check them out!

Canadian Auto Dealers | Apr 20, 2023


Another day, another round table! This time my Conservative colleagues and I met with Canadian Auto Dealers Association to discuss their thoughts and concerns surrounding Canada’s transition to Electric Vehicles.

Thank you for meeting with us and answering our questions.

Hearing from Canada’s Police | Apr 17, 2023

I met with delegates from the Canadian Police Association. It was great to connect with members from the Windsor Police Force!

In our discussion we focused on three very important topics: bail reform, personnel recruitment, and officer mental health. Thank you for your commitment to Canadian communities.

Meeting with Grain Growers | Apr 17, 2023

This morning, my Conservative colleagues and I met with grain farmers from Ontario, Quebec, and the Atlantic.

We discussed many different topics, but the focus was on how Canada’s grain farmers can be part of the solution for food security across the country and the world. It was also a great to catch up with Essex local Brendan Byrne, who is the Chair of Grain Farmers of Ontario!

Touring Deltaport | Apr 12, 2023

Thank you to Colin Metcalf of the Maritime Employer’s Association for helping to organize my day in Vancouver. It was an eye-opening experience getting to know what happens at GCT Deltaport. I also enjoyed meeting Marko Dekovic from GCT Deltaport who briefed me on the port! This location and so many others on the West Coast are essential to Canada’s transport and supply chain. I look forward to further meetings in the future.

Happy Easter | Apr 9, 2023

Easter is here and it’s a season of hope, joy, and new beginnings! Let’s take this opportunity to reflect on the blessings in our lives and spread kindness and love to those around us.

As we celebrate the resurrection of Jesus Christ, let’s remember the message of hope and forgiveness that it brings

Celebrating Ag! | Apr 6, 2023

I had the opportunity to celebrate, with our local Agricultural Community, Tony Simon’s induction to the Essex County Agricultural Hall of Fame. It was fantastic to stand beside Tony and his daughter, Molly Allaire, Councillor for the Town of Amherstburg, and to recognize his lifetime commitment to farming innovation and his dedication to the farming community

Happy Birthday William!! | Apr 6, 2023


Congratulations to William Allsop on turning 90 years old. It was great to meet up with the Allsop family and present William with a certificate today. Always good to honour the elders in our midst!

Carbon Tax | Apr 6, 2023

The carbon tax is not an environment plan, it’s a costly tax plan that is especially damaging to families, especially those on a fixed income or in rural Canada. By 2030, Trudeau’s two carbon taxes could add 50 cents per litre to the price of gasoline, according to the same source. Conservatives believe we should protect our environment with technology, not taxes. We don’t believe in punishing working people for heating their homes and driving to work.

Thank you CBTU | Apr 6, 2023


Thank you Sean Strickland, Executive Director of Canada Building Trades Union (CBTU) for our zoom meeting today. I appreciate our discussion on those issues that matter most for workers across Canada, especially those in the building trades.

Municipal and Federal Together | Apr 6, 2023


Thank you to Deputy Mayor, Chris Gibb, and Councillor, Linden Crain from the Town of Amherstburg for meeting with me today and updating me on issues in your town. I look forward to many more meetings.

International Joint Commission (IJC) office in Windsor | Apr 5, 2023


Thank you to Heather Stiratt, Director, and Raj Bejankiwar, Physical Scientist, for the invitation. I hope to continue to discuss important issues that pertain to the Canadian and US collaboration on the Great Lakes with the IJC and benefit from their research studies.

Touring Mottopro Inc | Apr 3, 2023


Thank you Vilvan Gunasingham of Mottopro for the invite to your building. Mottopro plastic mold manufacturer has just moved to Amherstburg in the last 6 months, from Hamilton.

We welcome new business to our area and I was happy to hear that they have plans to increase their workforce by 40 people!

April is World Autism Awareness Month! | Apr 1, 2023


Let’s come together to spread awareness and acceptance for individuals on the autism spectrum.

Let’s celebrate the unique qualities and strengths of all individuals, and work towards a more inclusive and accepting society.

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