May 2023 News

Meeting with Food Banks Canada | May 31, 2023

I met with the Canadian Apprenticeship Forum – Forum canadien sur l’apprentissage (CAF), a non-profit organization that connects the apprenticeship community across Canada.

It was great hearing about their in-depth labour market research and their successful training and support programs.

CVMA | May 30, 2023

As always, it was a pleasure to catch up with Brian Kingston from the Canadian Vehicle Manufacturers’ Association today.

Thank you for the great discussion on the complexities of developing the industry to reach Zero Emission Vehicles mandates.

Public Works Day | May 28, 2023

I was in Lac St. Louis last today attending the Municipal Pointe Claire Family Public Works Day. I enjoyed meeting workers from that department to discuss the major issues they are facing. This was also a great place to show kids of all ages that they have other choices from being doctors, nurses and lawyers in life and that labour jobs are fun and important for our nation’s growth! Thanks for a great time.

Labour round table | May 28, 2023

Here is my final post on my trip to Montreal. I had the privilege visiting a labour round table with members of the public on a beautiful Sunday afternoon.

We discussed how poor decisions by the Liberal government on Carbon Taxes are causing insane gas prices impacting the island of Montreal as well as the rest of the country.

Meeting with Leaders | May 28, 2023

I had the pleasure of being the guest of honour for Senator Housakos Light breakfast event with the leaders of the Greater Montreal Region. Conservatives will always be there for the people of Montreal, especially now as we need to partner together to bring about economic stability and growth! Thank you for a great time.

Mental Health Services | May 27, 2023

Today in Montreal, I met with many individuals who are helping to provide and supporting mental health services from the organization Perspective Communautaire en Santé Mentale in the riding of lac St. Louis. Thank you to all those I met for working towards better mental health for people in your area of Montreal! I can’t emphasize enough how much we need mental health services in Canada.

Visiting On Rock Community Services | May 27, 2023

There was a BBQ fundraiser in support of their food bank. This food bank is located in the top 3 poorest postal codes in Canada. As we all know food banks are playing a big role in keeping food on the table for many Canadians.

Thank you to all the staff and volunteers at On Rock for your On Rock Community Services!

Change in Montreal! | May 27, 2023

This weekend I have the pleasure of representing Pierre Poilievre in Montreal. Today I was at the 10th anniversary of the International Portuguese Festival. I was honoured to present the organization, President, Joe Puga, and the board of directors, a certificate of congratulations for the event and its history in Canada. This all happened in Justin Trudeau’s riding, Papineau. There were about 5000 people there on Sunday evening and Trudeau was not there, in his own riding, nor were there any MPs from the Liberals. It does seem like they have lost touch. It is time for a change!

Talking Labour in Montreal | May 26, 2023

I was invited to a labour round table, with various businesses, to discuss the issues they are currently facing. Liberal economic mismanagement quickly became one of the main topics of discussion for the evening! Thank you to all the businesses present for your contributions to our discussion and the invitation to this constructive time.

Downtown Mission | May 25, 2023

Food Bank visits have doubled from 1000 people to 2300 people each month in recent years at the Downtown Mission! Up to 16 people are in the recovery Phoenix course and the need is much higher and the mission countinues to deliver so many other programs. Thank you to Rukshini, CEO at the mission and all your staff and board members for a great tour highlighting the beacon of light that you are in Windsor and Essex. You are literally saving lives every single day!

Talking Insurance | May 25, 2023


Thank you Zahid Salman, Graham Hay and Joe Blomeley for meeting with me and giving an overview of Green Shield insurance which is based here in Windsor. I look forward to connecting further with this health insurance provider and all the good work they are doing in so many other ways beyond just health insurance.

Exploring Picsume Operations | May 24, 2023


Thank you to Jordan Goure and Patrick for the great tour of Vin Winery and Wedding in the Woods and presentation of Picsume. You certainly embody the entrepreneurial spirit. Keep up the great work!

Well done all! | May 24, 2023


It was an honour to present the Top Female Athlete Award at the 65th Annual review and inspection of the 535 Royal Air Cadet Squadron, Leamington. Thank you to the squadron leaders for all you do for our young people and the values and work ethic you pass on to them. 

Democracy is at stake | May 24, 2023

The latest news from the Globe and Mail is shocking but sadly unsurprising from a government that has displayed complete incompetence on matters of national security.

Justin Trudeau’s first job is to protect Canadians and protect our democracy. His repeated attempts to hide what he knew, and what he did, about Beijing’s interference in our democracy are shocking.

Happy Victoria Day, Canada! | May 22, 2023

Today, we celebrate the birthday of Queen Victoria and the beginning of summer. I want to take a moment to acknowledge the resilience and strength of Canadians as we navigate through these challenging times. Let’s take this day to reflect on our history and look forward to a brighter future. Whether you’re enjoying a BBQ with family and friends or spending time in nature, let’s make the most of this day and celebrate all that makes Canada great.

Ontario Caucus this morning | May 16, 2023


There are many great Conservative MPs in Ontario!

Click on the image to see it in full. 

National Police Week | May 16, 2023

This week, we take a moment to recognize the tireless efforts and unwavering commitment of our men and women in uniform who selflessly protect our communities day in and day out. Their unwavering dedication to upholding the law and ensuring public safety is truly commendable. National Police Week serves as an important reminder to express our deepest appreciation for their sacrifices. Let us remember those officers who have paid the ultimate price in the line of duty and honor their memory by supporting the brave men and women who continue to serve.

May is MS Awareness Month in Canada | May 15, 2023

It is a time to raise awareness and support those affected by Multiple Sclerosis. This disease affects the nervous system and can cause a wide range of symptoms, from fatigue and muscle weakness to vision problems and cognitive impairment. Let’s come together to show our support for those living with MS and their families. By educating ourselves and others about this condition, we can help make a difference in the lives of those affected.

To all the amazing mothers out there! | May 14, 2023

Today, we celebrate the tireless dedication and unwavering love of the women who raised us and shaped us into the people we are today. As your MP, I want to acknowledge the incredible sacrifices that mothers make every day to ensure that their families thrive. Your hard work and devotion are truly an inspiration to us all. Let’s take this opportunity to show our gratitude and appreciation for everything our mothers do. Happy Mother’s Day!

Wild Game Dinner | May 13, 2023

Congratulations, Gosfield North Sportsmen Association on your 30th Annual Wild Game Supper. It was good to be back together for fantastic food and good conversations!

Thank you for all you do for the sportsmen community! Looking forward to next year’s dinner!

Digital Currency | May 12, 2023

Earlier this week, the Bank of Canada announced it was opening a consultation on its potential digital currency. Consultation will end June 19th. We think the Bank of Canada should stick to traditional currency and focus on its mandate to bring down high inflation rates that were caused by irresponsible money printing and the Trudeau Government’s reckless spending. A Poilievre Government will ban the Bank of Canada from creating a Central Bank Digital Currency.

With IBEW tonight | May 11, 2023

Great to be with Karl Lovett, business manager, at IBEW local 773 Windsor and thank you to all those union members for a very warm welcome! Tonight I presented a certificate to Karl for his support and input with my PMB, Bill C-241, a tax deduction for travel expenses for tradespeople. Thank you Karl and IBEW local 773 for your support.

Heavy Construction Association of Windsor | May 11, 2023

Great to be with Karl Lovett, business manager, at IBEW local 773 Windsor and thank you to all those union members for a very warm welcome! Tonight I presented a certificate to Karl for his support and input with my PMB, Bill C-241, a tax deduction for travel expenses for tradespeople. Thank you Karl and IBEW local 773 for your support.

Let’s prioritize our vision health and see the world clearly | May 9, 2023

May is Vision Care Month in Canada, a time to raise awareness about the importance of taking care of our eyes and maintaining good vision health.Our eyes play a vital role in our daily lives, from reading and working to enjoying the beauty of the world around us. Let’s make sure we’re giving our eyes the care they deserve by scheduling regular eye exams, wearing protective eyewear, and practicing good eye hygiene.

Conservatives for skilled trades | May 9, 2023

Proud to introduce my friend and leader, Pierre Poilievre, today at the Canada’s Building Trades Unions conference in Gatineau.

As shadow Minister for Labour, I am so proud of his support for skilled trades across Canada.

Skilled Trades as respectable careers | May 9, 2023

Derek Ermen and Mark Schendel from the Canadian Institute of Plumbing and Heating (CIPH) and the Mechanical Contractors Association of Canada (MCAC) came to share about issues related to labour in their industries. Their main ask was to see skilled trades promoted as respectable and valuable careers and to see this education start as early as Junior Kindergarten. I could not agree more!

Training for Resilient Recovery | May 8, 2023

Thank you to Canadian Colleges for Resilient Recovery and Ron McKerlie and Christine Watson for the great conversation about training skilled workers across Canada to meet the labour shortage. Considering our current housing needs, it was good to know that one of the courses most in demand is in construction. I look forward to working with Canadian Colleges for Resilient Recovery more in the future.

Calgary Airport’s Concerns | May 8, 2023

Starting my week off strong with a productive meeting with Tanis Fiss from the Calgary airport in my Ottawa office this morning.

Thank you for sharing your concerns around the future of Canada’s airports and, by extension, Canadian travelers. I will definitely be bringing forward your very important concerns.

National Nursing Week! | May 8, 2023

From May 8-14, 2023, we celebrate the incredible work of nurses across Canada.

To all nurses – we are grateful for you and everything you do! Thank you for answering the call and making a difference in our communities.

Anticipating victory – bring it home boys!! | May 6, 2023


It’s been a busy Saturday but I had to drop by to see the Lakeshore Canadiens kicking off The Schmalz Cup, in their last home game of the season, vs Wellesley Applejacks.

It’s Our History | May 6, 2023

Celebrating 30 years of keeping alive our local stories and history of sacrifice, duty and honour. Thank you Kingsville Military Museum aka Kingsville Historical Park Museum for all you do!
It’s Your Memory
It’s Our History
It’s Worth Saving
If you have never visited the Museum, I would encourage you to do so!

Visiting Southgate Village | May 6, 2023


It was a beautiful Saturday afternoon to visit with the folks at Southgate Village Retirement Home in Kingsville during their open house last weekend.

Thanks for the invitation to drop by!

Celebrate Service | May 6, 2023

Celebrating Kingsville Lions Club on their 90th anniversary of serving the community, Canada and the world. So many lives have been changed by their investment and deep care for people. This is a true reflection of their motto “we serve”.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for all of the volunteer hours, the blood, sweat and tears. Your commitment does not go unnoticed.

New Burrito Place in Essex!! | May 4, 2023


Great food at the new Bar Burrito in Essex! If you get chance try something…it is Cinco de Mayo after all!

Global Automakers Canada | May 4, 2023

It is always great meeting with Global Automakers as their industry is so important to Windsor-Essex.

In our meeting today we caught up on their concerns around EV mandates, supply chains, and auto-theft. Thank you for sharing your industry’s perspective on these things.

Meetings, meetings, meetings | May 4, 2023

This morning I met with members of the Direct Seller’s Association.

Thank you for your support of individual entrepreneurs and for taking the time to talk to me about your member companies and sellers. Last year, direct sales represented $8 billion in the Canadian market! I appreciate you taking to the time to share the concerns of your member companies and sellers on the labour front specifically.

Thank you for your service and sacrifice | May 4, 2023

Happy International Firefighter Day to all the brave firefighters in Canada! Your selflessness, courage, and dedication to keeping our communities safe is truly inspiring.

Today we celebrate and honor the incredible work you do every day, risking your lives to protect others.

It’s Smile Cookie week! | May 4, 2023


100% of proceeds from Smile Cookies sold in Windsor-Essex go straight to Ontario Student Nutrition Program – Windsor-Essex and W.E. Care for Kids.

That’s something to smile about!

Virtual meeting with WECAR | May 2, 2023


Thank you to Windsor-Essex County Association of REALTORS® for a great meeting on affordable housing. I look forward to working with you further.

Click on the image to see it in full. 

Let’s break the stigma around mental health! | May 2, 2023

This is Mental Health Week in Canada and it’s the perfect time to start important conversations about mental wellness. Take some time for yourself and check in with loved ones. Let’s prioritize our mental health and support each other on this journey towards healing and recovery.

Happy National Physicians’ Day | May 1, 2023

Today, on National Physicians’ Day in Canada, we recognize and honor the dedication and hard work of our amazing doctors. You are the backbone of our healthcare system, and your tireless efforts and commitment to patient care are truly inspiring. Especially over the past year and a half, you have gone above and beyond to keep us safe and healthy. We thank you for your selflessness, your expertise, and your unwavering compassion.

To Our First Responders | May 1, 2023

Today, on First Responders Day, we honor and celebrate the bravery and dedication of our heroes who risk their lives every day to keep us safe. From firefighters and police officers to paramedics to all first responders, we are grateful for your unwavering commitment to protecting our communities.

Thank you for your sacrifices, your service, and your unwavering courage. We appreciate you more than words can express.

Chris Lewis MP - Essex

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